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Kicking off a segment called “Tropic Topic”, Bruk Out curated a visual concept around summer bodies. Stephanie Nadia is a plus sized fashion blogger (featured in green) and Kiara is studying psychology and is passionate about the acceptance of our bodies (featured in pink). Both women share a desire to re-frame the imagery that surrounds different body types and to build confidence in women who struggle with the stereotypical idea of what a woman should look like. Here, they share their thoughts on body types in the Caribbean vs body image here in the U.S. Feel free to use their opinion as a guide to speaking on body issues within our communities and voicing your opinion on changes that need to be made!


Figuring it Out is a podcast series in collaboration between The Figure Studio and Tamarind Bredren. In this episode, Kim David of Tamarind Bredren sits down with a few Indo-Caribbean creatives and gets their views on culture, their identity, and their pursuit of creative dreams.

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BRUK OUT is a community organization geared towards creating a virtual and physical sense of community among Caribbeans. It will do so through an online directory that will be updated consistently to include profiles and bodies of work from Caribbeans. The goal of this is to increase the visibility of our accomplishments in order to continue to push boundaries as well as create a network of people to provide and receive various services.

Bruk Out is also hosting community based events geared towards healing and education as we continue to make strides at home and in the world at large. This visual aims to give a quick glimpse at the vibrancy of our people.

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