bruk out

unruly · rebellious


we have endured.
we will thrive.

Bruk Out will serve to put Caribbeans on the forefront by creating a network that increases our visibility and allows us to celebrate our victories together. We hope to strengthen our bond to one another and allow us to make larger strides than ever before through the following forms of community engagement:

  • various visuals and segments that give a voice to Caribbean narratives

  • a features section that showcases you and the work that you do

  • community building events geared towards our spiritual and mental healing

  • educational workshops to ensure our community has the tools they need to succeed

Bruk Out was born in order to reestablish our mantra of unity and to give new meaning to being unruly. We want to disrupt the image mainstream media portrays of us. We want to rebel against generational expectations and dream bigger than before. We will remain unrestrained and headstrong in our pursuits. And most importantly, we’ll never lose that island vibe.